Jiyuka - Creative flower composition on your iPhone or iPod touch

Jiyuka means "free flower" and is a modern form of Ikebana, the traditional japanese art of flower arrangement. Jiyuka will put you into the relaxing state of creating ever evolving compositions and exploring ever changing floral designs and generative soundscapes.

Enjoy the unlimited multitude of different colors and shapes created by Jiyuka or create your own flowers by crossing your favorite ones. Perfect the harmony of your arrangements by choosing a matching background color shade from the wheel of colors and save it to your photo album.

Jiyuka will complement the visual experience with a meditative soundscape reflecting the flower arrangement and colors.

Forget the troubles around you and delve into the enchanting world of Jiyuka!


  • Create beautiful arrangements of flowers on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Every flower you create is a unique combination of colors and petal shapes and is unlike any other.
  • Change the size of the flowers by a simple pinch gesture, position and layer them to create beautiful and balanced compositions.
  • Complete the harmony of your arrangements by choosing matching background colors and gradients.
  • Use the paint brush to draw or write with your favorite flowers.
  • Save your composition as a picture in your photo library and send it to your friends!
  • Save your favorite flowers by dragging them into the flower palette.
  • Create new flowers by crossing your favorite ones in the palette.
  • Choose the aural mood of the generative music by selecting from four different musical scales.