Jiyuka consists of three screens:

  1. The flower arranger is the main screen where you create your flower arrangements.
  2. To the left is the background color chooser.
  3. To the right you will find the flower palette.

You can switch between these screens with a two finger swipe gesture.

Flower Arranger

This is the main screen of Jiyuka where you can create flowers and combine them into beautiful arrangements. Jiyuka will complement your arrangement with an ambient soundscape which reflects the positions and colors of the flowers.

Creating Flowers

Single taps will create flowers of the same shape and color.
Double tapping will randomly create a new flower with a unique combination of colors and petal shapes.

Arranging Flowers

Flowers can be dragged around simply by touching them and moving the finger around on the screen. Whenever you drag a flower around, Jiyuka will remember its shape and color for the next single tap. Use the pinch gesture over a flower to change its size.

Painting with Flowers

By activating the paint brush in the tools screen you can paint strings of flowers by dragging one finger across the screen. If you select more than one flower in the flower palette, Jiyuka will use all of them to create even more colorful bands of flowers. Whenever the paint mode is active, an indicator is shown in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on this icon to exit the paint mode.

Deleting Flowers

To delete a single flower, drag it with speed into one of the screen corners. To delete all flowers in the arrangement, swipe with three fingers across the screen.

The Help Screen

Tap on the question mark icon in the bottom left corner of the flower arranger to get to the Jiyuka help screen. Here you can find a short visual summary of the gestures available to arrange flowers, as well as a link to Tap anywhere on the help screen to hide it.

The Tools Screen

Tapping on the tool symbol in the flower arranger will bring up the tool screen. Here you can:

  1. Set the volume of the ambient music or switch it on/off.
  2. Choose the mood of the ambient music by selecting one of the colored clef symbols.
  3. Delete all flowers in the arranger.
  4. Activate or deactivate the paint brush.
  5. Switch to the background color chooser.
  6. Make a snapshot of your arrangement and save it to the photo library of your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  7. Switch to the flower palette.

To hide the tools screen, tap anywhere on its background.

The Background Color Chooser

On this screen you can choose a background color shade to complement your flower arrangement:

  1. Choose a color hue by tapping on the color wheel or dragging the indicator.
  2. Adjust the lightness of the color with the lightness slider.
  3. Choose one of four color gradients by tapping the respective button.

Return to the flower arranger by tapping the arrow button in the bottom right corner.

The Flower Palette

The flower palette can be used to keep your favorite flowers and to create new ones. Tap the arrow button in the bottom left corner to return to the flower arranger.

Keep Your Favorite Flowers!

In the flower palette you can keep your favorite flowers. Just drag a flower to the right edge of the screen in the flower arranger and Jiyuka will scroll to the palette, where you can drop the flower on one of the containers (1). In the same way you can drag flowers back into the flower arranger. Dragging a flower from one container to another will swap flowers between the containers.

Selecting Flowers

A single tap on a container will select the contained flower and deselect all the others. A double tap will select or deselect one flower container without affecting the others. Try using the pinch gesture to select blocks of flowers! Jiyuka will use the selected flowers when you single tap or paint in the flower arranger. If more than one flower is selected, Jiyuka will cycle through the selected flowers, allowing you to create arrangements with lots of variation in seconds!

Creating Flowers

When at least one flower is selected, tap the create button (2) to randomly create new flowers for these containers. Be sure that you don't select flowers that you wanted to keep as they will be replaced by new ones.

Crossing Flowers

There is one flower container at the bottom of the palette that is special (3). Whenever you drag a flower into this container, it is merged with the flower in the container by combining their colors and shapes. In this way you can grow new flowers from your favorite ones. To start over with an empty crossing container, tap the small delete button in its bottom right corner.